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Diane Lou Finger Brenneman

August 28, 1943 - December 23, 2021

Diane Finger Brenneman took great delight in reading obituaries. The flowerier the language, the more she laughed. She wished hers to be the floweriest of all. Specifically, she wanted me to say that angelic choirs sang while trumpets blared, harps played, and bells rang. Streams of glory rose before the winged unicorns who pulled her golden chariot home on December 23, 2021. Those of you who knew her wicked sense of humor will know how hard she would have laughed to see that I actually did it. You’re welcome, Mom.

Born in 1943 to Almeron and Thelma (née Kuchenbeiser) Finger, she was raised in Germantown, New York. She moved to Virginia as an adult, married a Marine, and stayed here for the rest of her life. She loved Labrador retrievers and roses and horse racing and baking and reading and good food and needle work and bacon and her grandkids. She hated exercise, low-calorie desserts, and obituaries that didn’t specify the cause of death (hers was renal failure). She was known and loved for her sense of humor, which was frequently rude and almost always inappropriate.

She is survived by (although she would prefer the flowerier phrase, “She leaves behind to mourn”): her husband of 52 years, Benjamin Brenneman III, three daughters & son-in-laws, and 6 grandchildren: Nicole, Mark, Ben, and Evelyn Lepsch of Charlottesville, Virginia; Laura, George, Sam, and Jenna Owen of Forest, Virginia; and Kelly, Matt, Miranda, and Sylvia Spaugh of Clarkston, Georgia.

Funeral arrangements will be private. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you tell rude jokes and laugh uproariously at inappropriate times.

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Good afternoon. The Family of Diane Brenneman. I did not know your mother- but I wish that I had. She sounds like a forever smile, ongoing laughter, and had lots of endless love for her family. You were blessed to have her as your mom. I am proud that you presented her Obit. as she requested. About a year ago there was an Obit of a local man- don't remember his name that stated something to the effect- I am gone, I am finished, I am kaput. No service of any kind. Bye. Your mom laughed at that one too- if she saw it. Take care and bless your mother. She has her angel wings. Even after death, she made this somebody laugh out loud! Martha Franklin Concord, Va.

Posted by Martha Franklin on December 28, 2021

I am truly sorry for your loss. I did not know Diane Brenneman, to my knowledge I never met her, but I am so sorry a missed the opportunity. Reading her obituary, I feel we may have been kindred spirits. I hope she had a wonderful laugh reading the wit and the cause of death in her own obit. I know she made me laugh just reading it. What I delightful person she must have been. Thank you for sharing a part of her and her personality with the world. May her delightful spirit carry on in those she left behind.

Posted by Anonymous on December 28, 2021

I loved her needle point Christmas cards which I looked forward to every year. She always made me laugh when we were able to visit and the flamingo still stands stands proud. RIP, Diane. I am glad our paths crossed. Your family is amazing.

Posted by ferne on December 24, 2021

Love this obit, loved her. ❤️ Her sarcasm and storytelling shall be missed so much.

Posted by Emily on December 24, 2021

Oh how I wished I had known her. I think I just heard the Lord laugh.

Posted by Jackie on December 24, 2021

Oh how I wished I had known her. I think I just heard the Lord laugh.

Posted by Jackie on December 24, 2021

Oh how I wished I had known her. I think I just heard the Lord laugh.

Posted by Jackie on December 24, 2021

As a neighbor of Diane & Ben it's been a pleasure to laugh with, share books & laugh together (again) with each visit & phone call. Rock on Diane & please remember me your neighbor.

Posted by Tina Andrews on December 24, 2021

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