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Glenn Curtis Sellers

September 8, 1952 - July 19, 2022

Glenn Curtis Sellers passed away peacefully in his home on July 19, 2022, going on to be with the Lord. He was 69. Glenn was a musician, a veteran, a traveler, and a friend like no other, and though he leaves us for his new home in Heaven, what remains is an unforgettable memory of a man who was intelligent, talented, and lovable in every way.


Glenn was born September 8, 1952 to David and Henrietta (Tedder) Sellers in Baltimore City, Maryland, but that was only one of the many places he’d been. A self-described “wanderer”, after the Vietnam war he spent many of his years hitchhiking and traveling the eastern US. He worked odd jobs wherever he could find them, predominantly talented at roofing. He owned a bar in New Orleans. He lived in Atlanta. He’d been in Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, the Carolinas, and most likely several more. If he wasn’t catching a ride, he was walking “around 25 miles a day”, and he was happy to tell you about his travels if you asked. If you sat Glenn down to tell you a story, you’d often get a story you hadn’t heard before among some favorites he loved to repeat. You may have found yourself hearing stories that took place in a state you’d not previously known he’d inhabited.


If you got Glenn talking about music, you knew before he ever played you a classic country song that he was a musician. Glenn was a quiet man, calm and fairly soft spoken. However, when he’d speak about music, he’d light up with a passion, invigorated with a spirit of enthusiasm about how much it meant to him. He’d played guitar for a large part of his life, and learned to sing as well, and was more than happy to sit down and play you a song if you’d take the time to listen. He loved western themes and songs about travel, and through his favorite songs you’d begin to understand what an incredible man he was.


Glenn may have been quiet, but you knew right away when he liked something. Whether it was a good meal, a nice air conditioned car, or just a simple sunny day, when something made Glenn happy he’d show it. He expressed joy with his entire body, and would raise his hands in delight and smile as he proclaimed how wonderful it was. His happiness was infectious, and you’d have trouble not smiling along with him even if he was just telling you how much he loved his favorite foods. He could make anything sound appealing simply by how happy it made him, and you’d find your spirits lifting just being present to his celebratory energy.

Glenn loved the Lord, and his appreciation for the life he’d been given showed through in the way he spoke about the day. Rain or shine, hot or cold, he never missed a moment to thank God for the beautiful day He’d given him, and to speak about how blessed we are to be here on this earth. Through all his struggles, Glenn always saw the light, and he externalized that light onto those he met. He found comfort in scripture and spoke of God as he did everything else he loved: with an enthusiastic, full-bodied passion that was glowing and infectiously cheerful.

While he described himself as a “loner”, he was anything but unnoticed, and he occupied the hearts of many of those around him who he passed in his regular travels. Though they may not have all known his name, they all knew who he was, and they knew his kindness. In the past 20-or-so years, Glenn kept it simple, walking where he needed to go and garnering a reputation as a sweet soul and a notable presence in the lives of whom he crossed paths. If he spoke to you, regardless of age, you were most likely addressed as “young man” or “young lady”, and he was always polite. He was quiet, in-and-out of where he needed to go, but always considerate of others. Despite that quiet nature, though, his resonance on the world around him was anything but unheard. Just like the music he loved, Glenn left a note ringing in the world around him simply by being himself. He will be forever missed dearly.

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Your spirit was a gift on earth and to so many, fly high sweet man

Posted by Dixie Cullison on July 31, 2022

I didn't know Glenn personally. But from what I read about him . Am sad I didn't know him. Travel well my man in your new adventures in Heaven.

Posted by Carol Bangle on July 31, 2022

I'm sure Glenn would be so pleased with this beautiful and heartfelt tribute by his good friend, who obviously cared a great deal about him. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Patricia McDaniel on July 31, 2022

I'm sure Glenn would be so pleased with this beautiful and heartfelt tribute by his good friend, who obviously cared a great deal about him. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Patricia McDaniel on July 31, 2022

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